Enjoy a Great Smile!

It can do wonders. When you feel confident about your smile you’ll undoubtedly smile more often, and you’ll feel less embarrassed or self conscious when you do. And when you smile often, people will naturally perceive you as more friendly and fun to be around.

Cosmetic reasons are often enough for people to opt for orthodontic treatment, but crooked teeth can also be more than just a cosmetic problem. There may also be underlying causes which should be treated, including over crowding, an over bite or an under bite. Sometimes, crooked teeth can lead to increased chances of periodontal (gum) disease and dental decay. In severe cases, it can lead to extra stress in the jaw bone and joints and can lead to more serious problems in the future.

At Magnolia Family Dental, we are trained to identify these problems, and will give you an assessment so you can weigh your options carefully.

If you choose to have your teeth straightened, we offer traditional braces using 3D-wired technology, as well as Invisalign®, also known as clear braces or adult braces.